Privacy Policy

PASS or PUFF takes privacy very seriously. We never share any information to third parties. By using our website services you understand and agree that we are still testing our BETA application and unforeseen issues may arise. As you help us test our BETA site, we will continue to insure your privacy is protected on keep you informed of any changes.

PASS or PUFF allows users to upload their own photos, media, and share their experiences, we cannot prevent others from taking screenshots or using other recording technology to capture your posted photos and videos.

You should not post text, photos, and videos on PASS or PUFF if you want to make sure that others cannot see or have copies of media that you are posting.

You may not use the website services for any purpose or in any manner that infringes the rights of any third party. PASS or PUFF encourages you to report any content on the Services that you believe infringes your rights. If you want to report a post for any reason .

If you want to contact us or have questions about the Privacy Policy, please write to us at

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